Accessories for Power Quality Monitoring

CT - AC/DC Current Probes and True RMS Clamp-Meters

  • Two models Multimeter (CP 1000) and Oscilloscope (CP 1005)
  • Measurement of AC / DC and complex current waveforms
  • 1000A Range (CP 1000) 100A / 1000A Ranges (CP 1005)
    • Excellent Accuracy with high resolution
    • Wide Bandwidth with low phase shift
    • DC Auto Zero and Auto Power Off
    • Compact lightweight design
    • Output voltages 1mV/A and 10mV/A (CP 1005)
    • Superior noise rejection for power electronics applications
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    Flexible AC Current Probes - Accurate, Thin and Flexible

  • Three selectable current ranges 10/100/1000A
  • 3 Standard conductor diameters 50/70/100mm
  • Easy to insert probe in confined spaces
  • Multimeter and Oscilloscope versions
    • Wide dynamic range 100mA to 1000A AC RMS
    • 1000V, CAT III, Pollution degree 2
    • Excellent response to rapid current changes
    • External power supply option (ACP 1005 only)
    • Compact lightweight design
    • No magnetic hysteresis, saturation or non linearity
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    Ground Current Detector

  • Ground Current Detector CT: 1MV/1MAm 1MV/1AMP (1Ma to 60 Amp)

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    Flexible AC Current Probes for DIN Rail Mounting

    DRP 503/18 The new DRP 503/18 is a 3 Phase Flexible AC current probe utilizing the Rogowski principle, with 3 channel integrator housed in DIN Rail Mounted Enclosure. The flexible and lightweight measuring head allows quick and easy installation in hard to reach areas and with large conductors.
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