Q: What if we set the size of the database to 20 GB; would be the stability of the database deteriorate in this case?


A: No. Actually I’d recommend keeping the limit as low as practical. If the database is larger than the limit (e.g., 20 GB) the ESS will restart, purge data, and reindex the database to reduce the database size. As with the earlier database structure this is lengthy process. If the limit is greater than the current database size the ESS will simply continue without interruption.


Once a database size reaches the limit, the ESS will begin purging old data (by expiration date which corresponds to file name) to make room for new data. This does increase the ESS load; however, our testing has not shown any significant performance degradation.

Limiting the database size also ensures that the database files are more manageable. Let’s face it, even the fastest computers will struggle to move 100GB of data.