PQView DE is a web-based, advanced, intelligent software that is both a system controller and a user interface for your entire monitoring system. PQView DE can be used in any application, from small systems with a few instruments to very large multi-point, facilitywide or utility monitoring. PQView DE automatically communicates with each instrument in your system via all supported communications methods to download and store data.




PQView DE is also a password-protected web server that acts as the gateway to your Dranetz monitoring system. All user interactions with the system such as trending, reports, real-time and setups are done using a web browser with connectivity to the system. PQView DE has a modern responsive web interfae which is fully compatible wiht most computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The multi-user interface allows coworkers, engineers or consultants simultaneous access to analyze and share data and reports within a familiar web environment.



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